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Buying Cycling Gear – Advice From an Absolute Noob

Given my limited experience in this, I can’t help you choose the right bike; the selection is huge, and your type of usage is key in deciding. I’ll just list the mistakes I made, hoping to save you from making them. This post is meant for other noobs like myself, if you have any experience, […]

4 Creative Ways to JavaScript Timing in Browsers

This article assumes the availability for Web APIs, therefore, most methods suggested here don’t work in NodeJS. Using an infinite synchronous loop in a Web Worker (not Service Worker) Since Web Workers are essentially web threads, you can infinitely loop inside them without blocking the main thread. This gives you access to sub-millisecond time resolutions. […]

Do Not Use Your Employer’s Email Account to Negotiate Anything Legal

TL;DR: because they can delete everything. By employer’s email account I mean something like you@youremployersdomain.com. I recently parted ways with my previous employer. It all went super smoothly and my previous employer was nothing but super nice and compassionate. However, after a while, they naturally shut down my email account. And I was so close […]

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